VA Cyberpunk Extraction specialist


a description of cybertooth is nearly impossible as she changes her appearance constantly


once upon a time there was an ace NASA pilot who was grievously injured in a test flight. her bones shattered she was given an experimental bone graft that did not take. left in pain and with her body rejecting the implants keeping her skeleton together she still was useful to the technocrat agents funding her rehabilitation. if successful she was to be drafted into the void engineers, as her awakening was deemed imminent. unfortunately an NWO agent overseeing the project deemed her daredevil attitude a security risk, and fully intended to wipe her mind and dispose of her.

instead the virtual adepts got a hold of her. smuggled to freedom and treated successfully with experimental nanotech she has recovered, and she is angry. since her release she has mastered the nanotech within her, learning to shapeshift and infect nearby objects with morphacological nanoassemblers. trained with all manner of weapons she is a danger to those around her and the technocratic union in particular.

she is out there, fighting the ascension war in her own way.


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