Delta Crash

Virtual Adept Cyberpunk


aka Delta Crash
aka Dolan Carlin
virtual handle: ∆X

8.23.14 +2 Quintessence

XP History

8.9.14: 2
8.16.14: 2 + 7
8.23.14 5 + 3 +1 (joke!)
current total: 20
goal – Arete 5: 40


- Foci -
Correspondence: Wireless Laser Distance Meter “Wildman"
Life: Wireless Bio-Monitor
Matter: VOX/s-VOX collar – speaking the phase transition action of the matter which is transmitted and recorded by DC’s trinary computer
Mind: Poker sunglasses – moving hologram “eyes" modified to read/ record mental energies and setup biofeedback in DC’s own brain
Prime: Pocket Oscilloscope
Time: Clip-On Digital Metronome and Tuner


- Gear -
2 Aggregated diamond nanorod Knuckles – both enchanted (Prime 2)
MP5SD 9mm
Glock 17 9mm
Lon McAin “Cosmos” Boots – run 2x fast, jump 2x high, run up walls, stick to speeding spacecraft, walk on water (4 dice to dex+athletics pools).
Ocular Implant
Impact Armor (3 soak, special botch) Alloyed (Mater 4) with spider’s silk (damage severity reduction)

- Charms -
“Red Shift Mini-Ject” – subcutaneous needle-free stimulant injector. This delivery system uses precrafted ampoules of Distorted Time (Time 3), each of which have a varying number of “successes” to accelerate the Mage’s time factor giving him extra actions per turn.

“Instant Hole” – This device is a small folded case, when opened has two handles with triggers on them on one side and a “butt-ton” of plastic explosives on the other. When detonated, a correspondence effect directs the force of the explosion away from the user in a cylindrical channel wide enough for a normal sized human to crawl through.

Recently Procured Team-owned Items:
Net Spider “Intern SPOC
35 Tass
4 resources
16 contingent code charms
1 mag ad-supported un-bullets

Blade Yielded Tissue Examiner (BYTE)
This folding pocket-sized knife is sturdy, well-built and features a blade that appears to have etchings along the grind that look like integrated circuitry. This circuitry actually functions to relay information of any biological matter the blade comes in contact with (DNA, etc.). The data is analyzed and stored in a small but powerful computer located in the handle of the knife, which can be interfaced with to retrieve the results of the sampling.

Delta Crash

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