a net spider


Deep within the heart of the Umbral computer-realm reside the Net-Spiders, the Weaver’s means of tending the growing mass of information entrusted to the internet. Originally only rarely found in the Penumbra, the vast number of internet-enabled devices has brought the Net-Spiders to the world in force.

Given time, Net-Spiders are capable of discovering any and all data on a device connected to a network. Net-Spiders can only travel along data transmission points such as phone lines, network cables, wireless networks and cellular communications. Many Net-Spiders have made their nest in computers running security and monitoring software.
Glass Walkers and some other technically-savvy Garou use Net-Spiders to recover information about institutions and corporations. They appear as small spiders surrounded by fractal patterns of energy. A character who makes a Computer or Technology roll reduces the difficulty by 2 if she is assisted by a Net-Spider.

Rage 4, Gnosis 8, Willpower 7, Essence 19



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