Cyber Funk


a void engineer weapon shipment running through Nevada held a data set that Solder needed. the party was sent to acquire it. they used a helicopter to hook the semi-trailer from the rig while it was waiting in line for a weigh-station. utilizing correspondence bans and hard light holograms they secured the shipment right under the nose of its escort. the void engineer within stood down, but insisted that they had made a huge mistake. he offered up a flash drive with strange footage from the umbra as proof. the party made him walk home naked anyway.

Act One Chapter Four
rescue 7-11

DJMC and cybertooth traveled to El Paso to rescue several Traditionalists captured in a technocratic raid. they infiltrated a 24-7 convenience store and broke into the underground holding cells. bypassing a kill-room they fought past clones and took captive a Iteration X agent Hiro Takashi. rescuing five captured mages they beat two NWO agents to death with one another and escaped to the surface and a portal to Colorado.

they have netted one hostage, five freed captives and a crate full of loot.

Act One: Chapter Three
Candy Crushed
After the strike on Victory Plaza, the team went out into the digital web to sell and trade the information they had pilfered. they went to the Spies Demise and met with a hacker known as Giest who traded them the allegiance of a Net Spider (a weaver spirit of the middle umbra) for data on the cybernetic wear-raven they had encountered during their mission. when he found out they also had information on the company Pentex and a Syndicate assessment of their business holdings and possible weaknesses, however he upped the deal offering a patch of virgin web inside a system he operated for it.

They sold information on Technocratic history to a multi tradition cabal in a domain called the Beehive, a constraint realm where all visitors had to assume the identity of insects. from them they received tass of useful resonance.

Finally they visited another constraint realm. this was Candy Town, a realm built upon the servers of a micromanagement game with a heavy candy oriented visual theme. the Virtual Adept who controlled the realm was known as Atomic Sourboi. the realm required a cute icon for entry and was full of puns and names of candy and candy related products. Sourboi traded valuable tech-design materials for the data on how the technocracy lost their leadership during the Avatar Storm, or Dimensional Anomaly as they call it.

A few hours after concluding the net-dive they were back at the Manhattan Project Sanctum when they received an encrypted message from Sourboi. Candy Town was under attack and he desperately needed help. he was offering a “huge reward” as payment. the group agreed and returned to the digital web- Cyber-tooth immersing holistically for the mission.

They arrived to find Candy Town on fire and with explosions occurring all over town. battles at multiple locations were raging and the icon constraint programming had been hacked to allow normal customizing of icons.

A scan of the area produced several active human minds and three anomalous life patterns present in the system. someone else was immersing holistically.

They first encountered a pineapple ninja icon fighting a Zerg of Slenderman- a popular nightmare fuel character of the internet. assisting the pineapple did not produce friendly results. angry at their killstealing Pineapple ninja destroyed the roof the combat had concluded on and all present save Samas fell through the hole he created. the party De-rezzed the ninja and moved on to the next location.

Inside the county jailhouse they found another VA with an Angry Birds theme fighting more slendermen and a camouflaged individual hiding in the corner- a holistically immersed individual. the party again took out the Zergs first, then, upon realzing the hidden individual was some sort of monster, blasted him through two walls and outside the building. the Angry Bird VA attacked the party and was also de-rezzed. Cyber Tooth noticed both he and the Pineapple had a stylized 23 on their icon and realized they were members of the notorious Team 23- a group of marauders who all believe they are in a super realistic FPS. knowing all their foes to be murderous maniacs or monsters made their mission much easier. they tracked the monster to Sourboi’s HQ the dance club Jellybabies, cut off his path and obliterated it with a powerful energy attack. at the club a small army of slenderman zergs and two more of the monster-hackers. not wanting to fight them all one on one the party set up a massive attack program and used their collective might to fry the entire group in one huge burst of firepower.

There remained two members of Team 23. one attempt to reason with them was made- and it didn’t go well. the marauders simply could not communicate meaningfully and the party wasn’t interested in sitting down and talking out aggression issues. the fight was short and brutal, despite their control of forces and spacetime Team 23 was outnumbered and outgunned. they were Derezzed and sent back out of the realm.

The party was given one of Sourboi’s nodes (he is known to camp up to seven powerful ones at any given time) as payment for saving his favorite realm and personal domain. they departed, with the resources they were going to need to create their own realm out of the digital web, a base of operations from which to strike out at the technocracy again.

Act One: chapter two

the team made it into the node and began the download. while graybar land marched along they shoplifted tass, valuable medical supplies and other gear from the room. Samas and DJMC noticed someone was watching them remotely from the digital web and Samas found net divers were indeed running amuck in the system. when the download was complete the team found that the window they entered through was being used to set loose some form of cybernetic where-raven in the facility.

as they attempted to leave they found themselves under teleportation countermagic from the web, as well as physical assault. two virtual adepts emerged holistically from the web and tried to halt their departure. one gave the party the impression that they had been brainwashed into this act. together they routed each pawn as well as a construct made of nanotech and steel piping to escape to the service tunnel they had entered.
upon leaving they found themselves again in danger- a tall goth male was shadowing them along the street. Cybertooth attacked him revealing a black robotic form under a hologram- some new form of hit mark. it was leading an assault team of other hit marks and one opened fire with a chain gun. the black droid- addressing itself as nightbot escape into the concrete below and the remaining hit mark was destroyed by Samas who was thinking with portals. the team made it to the extraction point, and returned to Chicago to receive their pay.

Act One: Downloaded in Dallas
Above and Below

chapter one: The Job

in the underground tunnels of the Manhattan project, a Master has called together a cabal to make the upcoming technocratic civil war even worse The job is sponsored by Solder a VA Cryptkeeper of some renown.

The job pays five hundred thousand up front, and one million each upon completion.


Objective 1: utilize NWO / Syndicate hostilities to cover the covert infiltration of the technocratic instillation underneath Victory Park

suggested entry: Access Portal V will be unattended for the duration of the Victory Fiasco. It seems the ideal entry. Exit must be made within the hour

alternate entry: Access Portal III perot museum access: risks mundane security guards and equipment in upper levels, lower levels hold enlightened countermeasures, but enlightened security detail has been pulled to silence the Victory Fiasco.

Objective 2: navigate the Underground facility and access the Quantum Encryption System and maintain contact until the system is fully scanned (23 minutes 23 seconds) Objective 3: escape the facility and evade pursuit. Objective 4: contact the Client for extraction and receive pay.

the team utilized access portal V and made their way into the facility.. Samas set up a safe point within the access tunnel and followed the team via holo-projection. disabling security and bypassing personnel the party descended to the lowest point. beneath a lake, the node holding the computer system was separated by a tunnel. it was in this tunnel that the party scanned the probable future and found it held dinosaurs. they loaded weapons and readied programs and opened the door to encounter three Progenitor personnel who had just finished processing tass into a genetic modification serum. the party put down the scientist before one could fully change into the envisioned Raptor. the technocrats had no time to sound the alarm. the party had reached their second objective. now would come the hard part- escape and extraction.


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