Cyber Funk

Act One: chapter two


the team made it into the node and began the download. while graybar land marched along they shoplifted tass, valuable medical supplies and other gear from the room. Samas and DJMC noticed someone was watching them remotely from the digital web and Samas found net divers were indeed running amuck in the system. when the download was complete the team found that the window they entered through was being used to set loose some form of cybernetic where-raven in the facility.

as they attempted to leave they found themselves under teleportation countermagic from the web, as well as physical assault. two virtual adepts emerged holistically from the web and tried to halt their departure. one gave the party the impression that they had been brainwashed into this act. together they routed each pawn as well as a construct made of nanotech and steel piping to escape to the service tunnel they had entered.
upon leaving they found themselves again in danger- a tall goth male was shadowing them along the street. Cybertooth attacked him revealing a black robotic form under a hologram- some new form of hit mark. it was leading an assault team of other hit marks and one opened fire with a chain gun. the black droid- addressing itself as nightbot escape into the concrete below and the remaining hit mark was destroyed by Samas who was thinking with portals. the team made it to the extraction point, and returned to Chicago to receive their pay.



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