Cyber Funk

Act One: Downloaded in Dallas

Above and Below

chapter one: The Job

in the underground tunnels of the Manhattan project, a Master has called together a cabal to make the upcoming technocratic civil war even worse The job is sponsored by Solder a VA Cryptkeeper of some renown.

The job pays five hundred thousand up front, and one million each upon completion.


Objective 1: utilize NWO / Syndicate hostilities to cover the covert infiltration of the technocratic instillation underneath Victory Park

suggested entry: Access Portal V will be unattended for the duration of the Victory Fiasco. It seems the ideal entry. Exit must be made within the hour

alternate entry: Access Portal III perot museum access: risks mundane security guards and equipment in upper levels, lower levels hold enlightened countermeasures, but enlightened security detail has been pulled to silence the Victory Fiasco.

Objective 2: navigate the Underground facility and access the Quantum Encryption System and maintain contact until the system is fully scanned (23 minutes 23 seconds) Objective 3: escape the facility and evade pursuit. Objective 4: contact the Client for extraction and receive pay.

the team utilized access portal V and made their way into the facility.. Samas set up a safe point within the access tunnel and followed the team via holo-projection. disabling security and bypassing personnel the party descended to the lowest point. beneath a lake, the node holding the computer system was separated by a tunnel. it was in this tunnel that the party scanned the probable future and found it held dinosaurs. they loaded weapons and readied programs and opened the door to encounter three Progenitor personnel who had just finished processing tass into a genetic modification serum. the party put down the scientist before one could fully change into the envisioned Raptor. the technocrats had no time to sound the alarm. the party had reached their second objective. now would come the hard part- escape and extraction.



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