the virtual adepts

the virtual adepts are a society of awakened humans who have embraced internet technology as a form of magical focus. using it they can project their consciousness into a virtual space made of information they call the digital web. linked to every computer on the net this computerized playground is a battleground of ideologies and agendas.

the elders of the virtual adepts- sometimes called cryptkeeprs- hold to strong ethos and agendas dating back to the second world war when computers were being developed. they remember the days before the split with the technocratic union and the alliance with the nine traditions. they are some of the most knowledgeable and dangerous people on the planet.

new factions and alts form all the time but some of the most prominent are:

the cyberpunks- urban combat specialists and implant enthusiasts
the cypherpunks- code breakers and data annalists
the chaotitions- masters of chaos theory and entropic effects
the reality coders- the explorers of the physical world and its secret languages
the nexplorers- the console cowboys of the digital web

the virtual adepts

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