the digital web

somewhere in between all places is a network of metaphysical connections that surpass mere material space. it has been called many things. the correspondence point, mount qaf, the singularity. in the modern age it has manifested as a place formed of information, inexorably linked to the internet.

reflecting every bit and bite of information on computers connected to the internet, the digital web is a playground for magi. the Virtual Adepts, the Feed. the Cybernauts. many factions claim domain over various areas of the web. some seek to bring humanity closer to this wondrous realm. others fight to push the sleepers back out the door. with all the collected knowledge of mankind as the battleground, the stakes are high.

there are many ways to Access the web

basic sensory immersion requires a VR setup only; + 2 to all difficulties
including magic casting rolls. Intelligence = Strength; Wits =
Dexterity. Body vulnerable, but slightly aware. most sleepers and non mages who enter the digital web use this method

Astral immersion requires Correspondence 2 (coincidental) plus complex VR setup (Intelligence + Computer or Computer Hacking, difficulty 6, three success minimum). Intelligence = Strength; Wits = Dexterity. Leaves body vulnerable.

Holistic immersion Requires Life 4/ Forces 2/ Correspondence 2 (vulgar), plus either a trinary computer and complex VR setup (Intelligence + Computer or Computer Hacking, difficulty 7, five successes minimum); or a long climb from an Umbral Realm this requires Middle Umbra access (spirit 3) followed by Dexterity + Athletics or Cosmology, difficulty 7; takes a long time All Traits remain normal. your Body is present in Web, but vulnerable to all
attacks there.

the digital web

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